Harmonic vocabulary: available chords and their functions
Bass scale degrees 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Tonic (T) I, i I6, i6 I6/4 (arp, P)

vi, VI

(N6/4) (after V, DC)
Dominant (D) V4/3 (P, N) V4/2 (N) V viio4/2 (N) V6 (N)
V6/4 (P, N) viio4/3 (P, N) V7 V6/5 (N)
viio6 (P, N) cad6/4-5/3 viio7 (N)
viio6/5 (P, N) cad6/4-4/2
Dominant preparation (DP) ii4/2, iio4/2

ii (M keys only)

iii, III IV, iv vi, VI
ii7, iio7 IV7, iv7 IV6, iv6
ii6, iio6 IV6/5, iv6/5
ii6/5, iio6/5 ii4/3, iio4/3
Intermediate (move to other DP chords, rather than directly to I or V)  iii, III vi, VI  

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