Irene Girton's violin. Photo by George D. Girton
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Some Useful Theory Information and Links

Resolve chord 7th down by step!

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General Music Theory Information

Analysis links

A very good  general music theory site

Guidelines for analysis
Dolmetsch: music theory online Guidelines for analytic reduction
Intervals, chords, and scales

Schenkerian analysis: Tom Pankurst's page

A good site about the overtone series Style analysis, including Jan LaRue's SHMRG method
Key signatures and a key signature drill
Form and Counterpoint
7th chord drills An  overview of musical forms


Species counterpoint links

Harmonic vocabulary

Post-tonal theory

Chord construction

Post-tonal theory links

4-part writing rules

Voice-leading key

A good site about jazz guitar chords Back to ListeningArts home

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